This is Womanhood

My mind screamed today
my 16 year old daughter sat on the couch
doubled over in pain
waiting to leave for her IUD insertion appointment.

My mind screamed today
when she told me that the Cytotec
she took in preparation for the procedure
is also used when performing abortions.

My mind screamed today
I thought of my mother giving birth to me
one month after turning 17.

My mind screamed today
I remembered the doctor in Alabama who delivered me as a baby
was also the man who prescribed birth control to me when I was 16.

My mind screamed today
I told my daughter that she is lucky to have this option available to her.
Many women in other countries do not have access to this privilege.

My mind screamed today
I told her the female doctor and I were empowering her.
It is an immense power to fully be in control of one’s own body.

My mind screamed today
as I remembered her as a baby, small in my arms.
The first word she ever said to me was “HI.”

My heart ached today
I said goodbye to the little girl I love so much,
while welcoming the determined strong woman she is destined to become.